Perspective Affects Everything*

Most people believe that events around us cause our troublesome feelings–like anxiety, depression, or fear. On the other hand, many professionals believe that our “perspective” is actually what causes such feelings. The way we look at things around us, our interpretation, or the meaning we give those events is actually why we react the way […]

Men Suffer In Silence

The American Psychological Association has made a lot of headlines recently over the publication of the Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Men and Boys. If you do a quick Internet search, you can find all of the Op Ed articles arguing both for and against the spirit of the document. Too many men suffer in […]


Much of what we have learned about the science of Positive Psychology originated in the world’s various spiritual and wisdom traditions that supported the world’s population for millennia,


Teenagers live a lot of their life online.  Texting is the preferred mode of conversation, exceeding talking on the phone for today’s teens.